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Krak grenade 1d4chan

Krak grenade 1d4chan

Grenades, bombs, mines and explosives comes in all shapes and colors of the gore-infested rainbow with almost every playable faction having a grenade or two equipped. All of them are usually hand-held devices meant to be thrown; however, certain weapons such as Grenade Launchers fire grenades at a much further and accurate distance. For Imperial Grenade Launchers, you can read it here.

For the Eldar equivalent, you can read it here. These are grenades specializing in killing a swath of light infantry. These grenades rely on shrapnel or any form of omnidirectional blast to maximize casualties. However, its omnidirectional blast makes it piss poor at armored targets. Incendiary Charges are essentially, Molotov Cocktails. They are the most primitive, ubiqious and easy-to-make improvise explosives in the entire Galaxy.

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Everyone, from their dusty grandmothers to little billy could make these things. Just get a glass bottle, fill it up with flammable liquids Alcohol, napalm, etc. Light up, aim and hope you don't set youself on fire. They are used by hive gangers and riots in rebelling Imperial Worlds.

The Ork equivelent would be Burna Bottles, more can be read below.

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The most ubiquitous, common and identifiable type of grenade not only in the 40k universe but the entirety of military fiction. Frag grenades or fragmentation grenades are small, anti-personnel grenades, exploding in a hail of thousands of tiny and deadly shards of metal, the effect being to deny an enemy the benefits of any cover as they are assaulted. Frag grenades are very simple in design and effect, consisting of a central explosive core with a fuse inserted and secured by a pin, wrapped in a steel casing.

Upon detonation, irregular shards of the casing are propelled at high velocity into the nearby surrounding area. The casing is typically grooved, both to create more shrapnel upon detonation and to provide a secure grip. A single frag grenade weighs about 1 kilogram and has a blast radius between 3 meters and 5 meters. Nothing more than a bundle of dynamites rented from the Loonytoons.

Blasting Charges are a type of Imperium-derived explosive.That's how the saying goes. And it's true. Without the big guns you are doomed to be murdered gruesomely for the lulz of itget eaten or have your soul used as a condom for all eternity.

The Imperium knows this and has devised a truly staggering amount of heavy guns dedicated to ruining your shit into next Sunday from anywhere in between half a mile to half a continent away. The lightest of indirect support weapons can be carried by individual or paired soldiers.

While this makes them tactically more flexible, they have reduced firepower compared to their heavier counterparts. The Assault Grenade Launcher is a small, cheap, low-tech hand-held grenade launcher used mainly by hive gangers such as House Goliath in Necromunda.

Due to its small size, these things can be dual-wielded.

How to use Pistols in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition (Beginner)

They are technically single-shot grenade launchers, but they can be fitted with a ammunition back-pack to unleash an ungodly amount of grenades for such a small weapon. It is literally a Rapid Fire Grenade Launcher. Beware, though, as firing Frag Grenades through this thing makes it Unstable, potentially knocking your expensive grenadier out of the game early.

A civilian Grenade Launcher used in Necromunda. It is a pump-action Grenade Launcher that house a select amount of grenades. As its name implies, the grenades used by the Concussion Carbine would most likely consist of smoke, flashbang and concussion grenades. Although frag or krak grenades could be used in times of shit hitting the fan.

Concussion Carbines are a type of Grenade Launcher used by Enforcer squads. Concussion Carbines give Enforcers the ability to disperse a crowd or bring down a foe intact for later punishment and are particularly effective against densely packed foes. The grenade launcher is a light, man-portable weapon capable of firing small explosive charges.

It is primarily employed by the Imperial Guard, with almost every trooper squad featuring at least one of them. Grenade launchers are a common weapon used by Imperial Guard infantry squads thanks to their ability to lob grenades greater distances and with more accuracy than can be thrown.

Their primary duty is to lay down suppressive fire and destroy light vehicles and buildings. It has a choice of two different payloads, anti infantry Fragmentation grenades, and anti-armour Krak grenades.


Space Marines scout bikers utilise a variation of this weapon, the "Astartes pattern" Grenade Launcher. It fires the same rounds, but with an increased rate of fire. The Vengeance Grenade Launcher is not authorized for use off world, but those Space Marines who have field tested the weapon attest to its effectiveness against a range of targets. The launcher can fire out up to five fusion charges that stick to surfaces and then be remotely detonated. Like something out of Call of Duty, this is basically your stereotypical RPG-7 you find in every single modern first-person shooter.The Krak Grenade is a type of explosive device used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man.

Krak Grenades use a shaped explosive charge capable of punching holes in armoured targets such as vehicles or bunkers, and its charge can even rip armour plating apart. Typically Krak Grenades are attached directly onto vehicles or fortifications with magnetic, adhesive or physical clamps, maximising their effect on the target. They can also be used against monstrous creatures such as the larger Tyranid bioformswhen they are attached to the creature's carapace before detonation.

These munitions are often used for attacking fortified defensive positions and vehicles, and provide Imperial infantry with a means of harming heavy targets that their primary anti-personnel weaponry may not be able to affect. However, the focused detonation lacks a blast radius, therefore making them impractical for use against enemy infantry.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A Space Marine armed with a Krak Grenade. Categories :.This is the tactics page for the Adeptus Arbites army. The main page is herethe latest edition of the codex 1. While the local law enforcement is primarily concerned with keeping a planet under the Governor's control, the Adeptus Arbites are concerned with keeping the planet and governor under Imperial control.

To this end, they maintain an army capable of putting down riots that threaten the planetary tithe, slowing or outright stopping planetary rebellions from the Imperium, and other needs as the Imperium sees fit.

While the Planetary Defense Forces are often cited as the first line of defense from outside invasions, their armies are often assisted by the elite forces of the Adeptus Arbites. The Adeptus Arbites are a short-ranged, melee shock army. They specialize in getting close to the enemy and locking them down with penalties to hit rolls, Leadership, and Morale.

They can cover a lot of ground with Army-wide vanguard move and mostly equip with Assult weapons. They move fast and hit hard! Everything from conscripting your Arbitrators into the Inquisition to turning your Penal Legions into Suicide Bombers! Enforcer Cadre and Penal Legionnaires don't bar you from these, but they can't benefit. Choke weapons: Tear gas in the 41st millennium. They have a good chance to wound infantry and bikes but it has no AP.

Comes in hand grenade, grenade launcher, and grenade Cannon form. Arbites from Arbites City.

krak grenade 1d4chan

Despite teeming with Arbitrators, the city still crawls with corruption. Specialize in selecting a Specific faction and bring the hurt on them. Built on the ruins of an Arbites failure, the new guard is incredibly devoted and fanatical to the Law. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Wiki tools Wiki tools Upload file Special pages. Page tools Page tools. Userpage tools.Humansa few Dark Eldar.

Throughout the Imperium 's history, many have sought to secede and rebel against the authority of the Emprahwith many rebelling Planetary Governors ended up facing their nose against the barrel of a Bolter. Whether it is the Macharian Heresy or the Nova Terra Interregnumthe Imperium usually succeed in quelling these upstarts after a while. However, some very fortunate rebels manage to survive intact due to either crafty politicking, competent leadership or just by pure luck.

The Severan Dominate is all of these combined as these guys have the fucking luck of the Irish.

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The Severan Dominate is basically what happens when the various rebels actually know a thing or two about Realpolitik. For all intents and purposes, they are the renegade equivalent of the Blood Pacthaving their own Imperial GuardCommissars and even their own fucking Special Forces. Originally part of the Imperium and consisting of worlds Severus acquired in the Periphery Sub-Sector of the Calixis Sector with the help of Dark EldarSeverus I was nothing short of pragmatic to the point in rustling the Inquisition 's jimmies.

The reason why the higher-ups did not touch Severus yet, was due to the fact that he was already considered a hero of sorts during the Angevin Crusade, that added the Calixis Sector to the Imperium of Man in the 39th Millennium.

Severan Dominate

Heck, some people with super heretical opinions, even suggests that the revered Saint Drusus might not have completed his conquests without the successes of Severus. Of course, the biggest flaw of Severus was his enormous ego and ambition. So when the region began to plunge into chaos during the Spinward Front wars, Severus saw the opportunity and proceed to pull a Postumus, announcing his annexation of the worlds under his influence into a private fiefdom and popularizing the move as a revolution against Imperial tyranny.

To this end, the Dominate maintains a corps of political officers known as Ducal Legates to enforce its ideology. They are essentially the ideological police that maintains loyalty and support of the subservient Planetary Governors. Unlike the Imperium, however, the Severan Dominate actually know how to do Diplomacyas the Ducal Legates maintain interplanetary relations via excellent oratory speech and charisma. If anything, Middle Power Diplomacy and Finlandisation are one of the key foreign policy goals for the Severan Dominate; the Duke's ability to play the Great Powers against each other whilst currying favour with various neutral or aligned powers is actually competent from a strategic perspective.

Dominate ideology emphasizes three pillars, Interdependence, Justice, and honesty. While they seem lofty and progressive on paper, in truth Dominate ideology is twisted to allow for a functional totalitarian state.

Yeah, remember the Dark Eldar we spoke of earlier? The Severan Dominate actually has a covert and vested alliance with the Dark Eldar Kabal known as the Children of Thorns, which is part and parcel on why Severus I declared independence in the first place for understandable reasons. Now, the Imperium do alliances with the Eldar from time to time, but no sane individual would do the same with the Dark Eldar of all people.

This, of course, starts to make sense under the functions of Realpolitik. The Severan Dominate is outnumbered and outgunned and therefore, is under no qualms in making friends with anyone that could facilitate their interests, which is the survival and prosperity of the regime. Beggars can't be choosers and all that.

The Children of Thorns want what all Dark Eldar want, slaves to do their 'sexy time'. So Severus I and his descendants struck a deal with the Dark Eldar. We will give you entire worlds to make your peepee hard and in turn, you supply us with weapons, military support and protection. Granted, this is the Dark Eldar we are talking about and they are not the most reliable of allies, with the Kabal constantly reminding the Duke to find new worlds of sex toys or they will rescind the alliance.

But seeing as how this relationship survived for over a thousand years by now, it seems that the Duke is able to uphold the end of the bargain. Yes, under Only Waryou too, can play as the Severan Dominate. As previously mentioned, these guys are sensible enough to have their own standing armed forces, despite being besieged by all sides, they somehow continue to withstand them all, if only tenuously.

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Militarily, the Dominate maintains a small but capable army of mainly PDF troops and mercenaries; because of their small size, the Severan Dominate actually don't waste their troops and armour unlike some Imperial Guard regiments. The Severan Dominate has only a miniscule number of soldiers at its command in comparison to the innumerable forces of the Imperial Guard.

Though the rebels lack the resources of the Imperial Guard, their shorter supply lines and familiarity with the environments ensure that the ranks of Severan Dominate troops are a threat to the men and women of the Imperial Guard.

krak grenade 1d4chan

Severan Dominate forces echo the Imperial Guard in their organisation. A typical squad consists of nine soldiers led by a sergeant. The most basic armed infantrymen. Had events transpired differently, these very individuals might be serving in the Imperial Guard rather than opposing it.

krak grenade 1d4chan

They do not view themselves as traitors or enemies of the Emperor, but as victims of the unjust policies of the Adeptus Terra—that is, if they hold any view whatsoever of the wider issues at play. For many Severan Dominate soldiers, they are simply following orders and protecting their families back home.Ivanus Enkomi is a Chaplain of the Minotaurs and the dude charged with representing the Chapter's interests in stead of the Chapter Master when dealing with other servants of the Imperium, which is probably for the better.

There isn't much lore about him, but what we have is pretty interesting. As said before, Enkomi is an example of the Minotaurs distrust of the rest of the Imperium, often being the only form of face-to-helmet interaction other forces of the Imperium will have with the Chapter. And even so, one might not expect to see much exchange beyond the very minimum required to carry out whatever purging in the name of the Emperor needs to be done, as he is described as an aloof and distant figure in Carab Culln 's war councils during the Badab War.

Enkomi himself is described as having a crimson-tattooed face and red-irises, suggesting backwater origins. This raises a question over the Minotaurs recruitment methods, since their ability to replenish recruits has been theorized to be a result of the High Lords granting them access to recruits from Terra.

Enkomi's origins could mean that the Chapter may also recruit on the worlds it crusades across since it's fleet-basedor that they recruit normally but their aspirants have low rejection rates due to their "chimeric" geneseed. Given his role as a Herald of the Chapter, it is only fitting that he has his own personal ride.

Codex - Elysian Drop Troops: /tg/'s 9th Edition

Enkomi has no extra special rules over the usual buffs of a Chaplain, usual Rosarius, powerfist, and crozius. Frag grenades for mobs, krak grenades for tough targets. Aside from that he boasts an extra attack and an extra wound, compared to normal. Do ask yourself when you take him though Yes, because the Greek helmet and the cape alone are worth the 23 points, and because you get the model when you buy Moloc, so might as well use it.

Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Categories : Warhammer 40, Imperial Space Marines. Wiki tools Wiki tools Upload file Special pages. Page tools Page tools. Userpage tools. Grimaldus - Helbrecht - Sigismund - Tankred.

Gabriel Seth - Nassir Amit.This is the current 9th Edition's Renegades and Heretics tactics. A quick note: Now that the forgeworld book has been revealed, along with the Elysians, Renegades have not been officially updated or even commented officially on for 9th at all, and may well have unceremoniously gone to the great legends datasheets in the sky. Generous opponents may allow you to use the 8th points for the renegades units with guard points for what you take from them, otherwise some armies from editions past can be played as guard or genestealer cults.

That said, on with the show. This is a complete revamp of the three old 3rd Edition army lists that were printed across Imperial Armour If you're looking for the old tactica then check here or here. Gee Dubs with their total simplification of everything on God-Emprah's Not-so-green Earth, that is 8th edition, has managed to suck out every last bit of fluffiness from the army that basically lived by it. No longer can your poor doomed fucks be a marauding PDF force led by a nutjob general, a chaos doom-cult uprising on the move, an abhuman helot protest party or a misguided mini-revolution of unwashed masses.

Not anymore you can't. Now you're just a bunch of murderhobos who raided a Munitorum vehicle cache and worship the Pantheon out of Some people find it appalling, but to everyone their own.

Grenades & Explosives

In addition, we pay the same price for our infantry equivalents, except they have worse BS, worse armor save, variable leadership, and no orders. Alternate Take: It's not THAT bad, and it is almost a certainty that we will be getting our Demagogue devotions back by the time we get a proper supplement. In addition all of our units are now balanced enough that they don't need insane customization options to be viable. Use command squads to mitigate the chance of poor rolls, or Enforcers to mitigate casualties from morale.

Fanatic: As above for uncertain worth, but when determining a unit's leadership, roll 2d6, take the highest, and add 3, which is 7. Pretty good leadership on average, but there are always situations where your fanatic unit is LD 5 and your militia are LD 8. Daemonic Ritual: Got characters? I hope you do, because they get to summon Daemons! Instead of moving, you can roll 3D6 for one of your Characters and call up that many Power Levels worth of angry deepstrikers.

Take a Mortal Wound if you rolled a double, or D3 if you rolled a triple. Generally you should be playing safe and using cheap, easy to summon units like Troops, beasts or small groups of Daemonic Cavalry.

Most of the Greater Daemons are nearly impossible to get onto the field this way.